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Web Resources

SNOMED CT® Document Library
"The documents listed on this page include formal specifications of SNOMED CT and guidance on use and implementation."
SNOMED CT® Resources
Index page of IHTSDO Resources regarding SNOMED CT®
SNOMED CT® Starter Guide
"The target audience for this Starter Guide includes people from various disciplines who may be involved at any point in the SNOMED CT information management cycle – from initial planning, clinical content definition and implementation through to use of the resulting clinical information"
SNOMED CT® Technical Implementation Guide
"Detailed specifications or release files and other IHTSDO standards, accompanied by guidance about various topics related to implementation of SNOMED CT."
SNOMED International Home
"IHTSDO is now SNOMED International, a not-for-profit association that develops and promotes use of SNOMED CT to support safe and effective health information exchange. SNOMED CT is a clinical terminology and is considered to be the most comprehensive, multilingual healthcare terminology in the world. "
SNOMED-CT® Licensing from the US National Library of Medicine
"This page contains information regarding obtaining a license to use SNOMED-CT in the US through the US National Library of Medicine."