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First-time Users: Users in the United States who obtained a SNOMED license through the National Library of Medicine can log in with a UMLS username and password. US users who do not have a UMLS account or can not remember your UMLS credentials, please visit UMLS Terminology Services on the National Library of Medicine website.

Users who live in a SNOMED member country and obtain their license through their National Release Center or users who hold a SNOMED CT Affiliate License should email us at vtsl.info@gmail.com and we will create an account in our system with a username and password.

Initially, a VTSL account will have access to the VetSCT download files. If you need access to other resources such as the AAHA Diagnostic Terms, follow the link to the "My Profile" page. At the bottom of your profile is a small form from which you can select additional resources.

Existing VTSL Users: Please login with your existing username and password below. If you would like to switch your VTSL account to use UMLS credentials please contact us at vtsl.info@gmail.com