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April 2021

The Small Animal Specialty Problem & Diagnosis Terms (SAS PDT) were created to include concepts and descriptions for dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, and cardiology practice. The SAS PDT have been updated to include requested concepts and descriptions and to align it with the January 2021 International release of SNOMED CT® and the April 2021 release of the Veterinary Extension to SNOMED CT. To obtain a copy of this release, login to VTSL (with a VTSL account or your UMLS credentials) and access it via the Documents page. If you've successfully logged in and have been granted access to SAS Diagnostic Terms download, you should see a Documents button to the left. If you have successfully logged in, but do NOT see a Documents button, then you need to request access. To do this go to "My Profile".


Developing a SNOMED-CT® based diagnostic terms list for Small Animal Specialty practices (SAS)

Interest in evidence based medicine and wide acceptance of electronic health information systems (HIS) have converged to generate interest, on the part of a number of veterinary organizations, in developing specialty-wide and even profession-wide standardized terminologies. In the past, organizations would collate a list of medical terms in a text file and make the lists available to interested members. More recently, terminology management and distribution methods have matured such that they are more acceptable for incorporating the standard into HIS.

As the Founding Contributor of the Small Animal Specialty Problem and Diagnosis Terms (SAS PDT), BluePearl Veterinary Partners has taken on the challenge of funding the development of a list of terms to record small animal specialty practice patient diagnoses. BluePearl Veterinary Partners recognized the value of incorporating an external standard like SNOMED CT® and wanted to support the furtherance of terminology standardization across the veteirnary medical field. They found that while the American Animal Hospital Association's Problem and Diagnosis Terms (AAHA PDT) covered much of their emergency and specialty practice needs, there was a gap in coverage that needed to be filled. They then committed to funding the creation of a subset of SNOMED CT® and the Veterinary Extension of SNOMED CT® (VetSCT) that would seamlessly integrate with the AAHA PDT and provide the needed coverage for their cardiology, dermatology, ophthomology and dental specialty practices. The scope of the SAS PDT is coverage of problems and diagnoses needed by veterinary specialists in small animal practice, outside of the scope of the general small animal practice. The SAS PDT will be available in the same format as the AAHA PDT in order to faciliatate its use in veterinary records systems. The SAS PDT are freely available for use in any veterinary system, and it is the sincere hope of VTSL and BluePearl Veterinary Partners that development will continue with the help of other specialty and university practice groups.