Unified Medical
Language Systems®

April 2014
The Veterinary Extension of SNOMED CT is now integrated into the Unifed Medical Language Systems® Metathesaurus. This allows users of UMLS Metathesaurus access to veterinary only content, as well as provide veterinary stakeholders with the Lexical tools available with the use of UMLS. To take advantage of UMLS resources visit UMLS Terminology Services.

July 2014
VTSL has incorporated UMLS authentication services into the VTSL website. You can now use your UMLS username and password to log in to our website. Logging in gives you access to the download files for the Veterinary Extension of SNOMED CT. Once logged in, you can also request access to additional resources such as the AAHA Diagnostic Terms and AAEP Diagnostic Terms. If you do not yet have a UMLS account or have forgotten your UMLS username and password, visit UMLS Terminology Services to retrieve your UMLS credentials. Then return here to log in to VTSL.

IHTSDO IHTSDO transfers "non-human" content to the SNOMED CT Veterinary extension
April 2014

With the January 2014 release of SNOMED-CT, IHTSDO has "retired" all concepts that were part of their "non-human subset." The non-human subset identified content that applied ONLY to non-human animals. As part of that retirement, we agreed to accept the transfer and incorporate it into the Veterinary Extension we maintain. IHTSDO directed that the transfer include retirment of the original concept IDs and creation of new concept (and description) identifiers in our extension. The position of these concepts in the SNOMED-CT hierarchy remains unchanged and our extension release files include relationships needed to convert the old SCTIDs to new Extension SCTIDs in your system. For further information on the Veterinary Extension to SNOMED CT navigate the extension project or follow this link:

Veterinary Extension