Veterinary Extension of SNOMED CT© - October 2018 Release Available

October, 2018
The veterinary extension has been updated. This extension release is compatible with the July 31, 2018 release of SNOMED CT. To obtain a copy of this release, login to VTSL (with a VTSL account or your UMLS username and password) and access it via the Download page in the Extension Project.

AAHA, AAEP & SAS Problem & Diagnosis Terms Updated - October 2018 Releases Available

October 2018
The Problem & Diagnosis Terms (AAHA, AAEP & SAS) have been updated to include requested concepts and descriptions and to align it with the July 2018 release of SNOMED CT© and the October 2018 release of VetSCT©. To obtain a copy of these release files, login to VTSL (with a VTSL account or your UMLS username and password) and access them via the Download page in the AAHA, AAEP or SAS projects, respectively.

Client Services...

The Veterinary Terminology Services Laboratory (VTSL) is dedicated to practical application of standardized medical terminologies which facilitates the recording and analysis of clinical information, supports translational research activities and thereby improve animal and public health. Governmental and private organizations contract with VTSL to support practical application of standardized terminologies in veterinary medicine and public health. VTSL client services include terminology management, facilitated collaboration and education.

Terminology Management & Resources

We provide a variety of services to veterinary organizations that wish to deploy standardized terminologies. We also maintain and distribute the Veterinary Extension to SNOMED CT as well as subsets for the National Animal Health Laboratory Network, AAHA Diagnostic Terms and AAEP Diagnostic Terms.

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Facilitated Collaboration

We help veterinary organizations determine their own best approach to standardized terminologies.

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We make educational materials available to veterinary organizations deploying standardized terminologies and provide educational opportunities to individual veterinarians.

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Terminology Development

SNOMED-CT®: VTSL provides expertise to the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO) for evaluation of the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms (SNOMED-CT®) relative to its coverage of veterinary nomenclature and for the addition of new concepts that relate specifically to veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Adaptation of SNOMED-CT®: VTSL is developing a veterinary-specific adaptation of SNOMED-CT®. The long-term goal of this project is to create a terminology product that includes medical concepts of interest to our veterinary clients and excludes concepts that are not of veterinary interest. As part of this project we create and maintain a legal extension of the SNOMED-CT® core. This extension holds concepts that are of veterinary import as well as additional terms (synonyms) used by veterinarians that are not in common use in human medicine.

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