Veterinary Extension of SNOMED CT© -April 2021 Release Available

April 1, 2021
The veterinary extension has been updated. This extension release is compatible with the January 2021 International release of SNOMED CT. Licensed SNOMED CT users may obtain a copy of this release by logging into this site. Users in the United States who obtained a SNOMED license through the National Library of Medicine may login to VTSL with a UMLS credentials. Non-US users in member countries and users in non-member countries who have obtained an Affiliate license at SNOMED.ORG can contact VTSL at to establish an account here. Login to VTSL to access this update via the Download page in the Extension Project.

AAHA, AAEP & SAS Problem & Diagnosis Terms Updated - April 2021 Releases Available

April 1, 2021
The Problem & Diagnosis Terms (AAHA, AAEP & SAS) have been updated to include requested concepts and descriptions and to align it with the January 2021 International release of SNOMED CT© and the April 2021 release of VetSCT©. To obtain a copy of these release files, login to VTSL (with a VTSL account or your UMLS credentials) and access them via the Download page in the AAHA, AAEP or SAS projects, respectively.

Client Services...

The Veterinary Terminology Services Laboratory (VTSL) is dedicated to practical application of standardized medical terminologies which facilitates the recording and analysis of clinical information, supports translational research activities and thereby improve animal and public health. Governmental and private organizations contract with VTSL to support practical application of standardized terminologies in veterinary medicine and public health. VTSL client services include terminology management, facilitated collaboration and education.

Terminology Management & Resources

We provide a variety of services to veterinary organizations that wish to deploy standardized terminologies. We also maintain and distribute the Veterinary Extension to SNOMED CT as well as subsets for the National Animal Health Laboratory Network, AAHA Diagnostic Terms and AAEP Diagnostic Terms.

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Facilitated Collaboration

We help veterinary organizations determine their own best approach to standardized terminologies.

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Medical terminology is a specialization of the medical informatics discipline. It is rare that organizations have personnel familiar with application of specialized medical termionlogies. With this in mind, VTSL provides educational services and opportunities for veterinarians.

Online resources: VTSL maintains a repository of presentations given by laboratory personnel that relate to veterinary implementation of terminology standards, including but not limited to SNOMED-CT. VTSL also maintains a public browser that has been developed and maintained to allow exploration of SNOMED-CT by interested parties.

Post-DVM Education: VTSL is a division of the Veterinary Medical Informatics program at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. We offer formal training leading to either a masters of science or PhD in Veterinary Medical Sciences with an emphasis in veterinary medical informatics. Interested parties should contact the Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences program at the VMRCVM or visit their webpage.

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Terminology Development

We believe that in order for SNOMED-CT® to contribute to Veterinary Medicine, its veterinary content must be enriched. VTSL acts, on behalf of various veterinary stakeholders, to facilitate the incorporation of high quality veterinary terminology content within the SNOMED-CT® universe.

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